Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016 Topps Series 1 Jumbo Break: The Cardinals

     2016 Topps released on Wednesday. We have to admit that after seeing the mock-ups we were pretty excited about its release. Full-bleed layout, plenty of parallels and inserts, buybacks, and quality relic and autograph checklists, what's not to like? We'll be publishing a review of the full box, but as with any product, we're mostly concerned with the Cardinals inclusions.

Cardinals Base

     We managed to pull the entire Cardinals team set. This year's Topps Series One includes: Matt Carpenter, Yadi, Waino, Lance Lynn, Stephen Piscotty RC, Jordan Walden, Kevin Siegrist, Peralta, and Holliday. It was nice to knock out all the base in one box. Now we just need to round up the parallels and inserts.

Gold Parallel #/2016

     We only snagged one of the Cardinals parallels: Topps Gold Adam Wainwright. This particular card is numbered 1995/2016. With only receiving this one parallel, it leaves us needing a whole lot more. Any help is appreciated.

Berger's Best

     The are sixty-five different Berger's Best inserts. Out of those sixty-five cards, three feature Cardinals players, We were lucky to find this 67 Topps Steve Carlton reprint. Once we find the Pujols and Molina inserts that lurk within this set, we can mark it finished,


     This is the first of two Musial inserts we received from the box. It features Stan and Red and is the only card in the Back-To-Back insert set that includes Cardinals players.

Pressed Into Service

     Here is the second Musial that we received in the break. Pressed Into Service cards feature position players who were called to the mound. Musial is the only Cardinal in this ten-card insert offering.


     Perspectives are the nicest inserts in the product. They feature stunning photography and three-dimensional effects. Peralta was a good warm-up to the second Perspectives Cardinal that we pulled:

     The Wizard went straight onto the Wall of Cards. It's the only card from the box that made the cut. Yadi is the only Cardinal that we didn't get from the Perspectives set.

     We didn't get any Cardinals hits from the box, but that isn't too surprising. Pulling Cardinals from packs and boxes is usually like pulling teeth for us. As a result we're thrilled with all the Cardinals base and inserts that we did receive. 

     We'll have a full product review posted tomorrow and we'll see how the overall box shaped up. In the meantime, Collect Hard!

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